Jaime Johns

Unburdened by working with one company, Jaime Johns is applying her decades of industry experience to build out other businesses.

Johns left Madison Financial Group in February after spending the last two years as advice general manager and head of Clime Private Wealth as part of  a seven-year tenure.

“I found the people that knew I left [Madison] and were asking what I was doing, there was two [kinds] of people that were reaching out and it happens to be the two areas now I’m predominately doing consulting work for,” she tells Professional Planner.

Johns currently works with roughly two cohorts of advisers: self-licensed advisers or small/boutique licensees, and third-party product and service providers.

For the self-licenced and smaller AFSLs, Johns says the value she been able provide is guidance and support on how these licensees can improve their governance structures.

“That ranges from how they’re looking at supervision and monitoring for their investment committee process, risk and compliance committee process,” she says.

Additionally, she also focuses on the responsibilities of being a Responsible Manager which she also has been in the past.

“Sometimes they’ve jumped in, they have the AFSL and a year or two under their belt and they’ve probably not tightened or put enough corporate governance around their business structure or the AFSL for advice and governance,” Johns says.

“That sector of people who have asked me to work with them tends to be either people who have had the AFSL or a couple I’ve spoken to where they’re a small licensee – five to 30 or so advisers – and they really need to tighten up risk and compliance.”

Broad church

Third party providers are the other group seeking out her expertise, naming Fraser Jack from the Cyber Collective as an example.

Jack has built a reputation in the financial advice space over the last year as an expert in the cybersecurity space.

“He wants insight into how AFSLs are responding to this or where’s the knowledge gap,” Johns says.

“Working with him to help broaden his offer and make it relevant for an AFSL depending on what size it is.”