From left: Recep Peker, Vincent Holland, Chris Dastoor, David Pritchard, and Peita Diamantidis

Onboarding employees onto a new tech system can be an arduous task. If the service provider isn’t willing to help directly with the process, practices may need to re-consider the relationship.

At the Professional Planner Advice Practitioner Summit, Plutosoft founder Vincent Holland said that changing business-critical software can seem daunting for practices.

“I strongly believe, having run an advice practice myself and having the opportunity to work with a lot of other advice practices, that if you aren’t happy with your software, you need to do something about it.

“Otherwise, you’re going to get the same outcome, the same result, if you keep the status quo.”

Holland said this is done by the business all the time.

“We take firms through the change management process – everything from migrating data across from one system to another [as well as] providing the training and structure to ensure the system can be implemented as seamlessly as possible,” Holland said.

Caboodle Financial Services co-founder Peita Diamantidis said she has dealt with firms that relied only on videos and written onboarding instructions.

“When you’re looking at a new system, particularly a big chunky one, it’s not your job to train the system BDMs on how to onboard people,” Diamantidis said.

She questioned the logic of providers who expect it to be the role of the adviser’s business to onboard people onto a new system.

“You want me to move data and change my advice process and I’m just going to dig in your manual?”

Getting an Edge

The onboarding process is a challenge that will also be faced by CFS amid the launch of its upcoming Edge platform.

Updating the summit on Edge’s progress, CFS executive director David Pritchard said the platform is currently in the final stages of testing.

“Quality is not negotiable in this game, so we’ll take the time that we need to ensure that quality is 100 per cent,” Pritchard said.