Online professional network XY Adviser this week announced its entry into the human resources world, offering an advice hiring market place designed to connect members with current work opportunities in the sector.

The “XY Jobs Board” will essentially become a recruitment marketplace that pitches itself as a cheap alternative to human resource groups that operate in the space or self-directed efforts from firms to hire staff via commercial sites like and social media boards such as LinkedIn.

According to founder and CEO Clayton Daniel, one of the topics regularly broached on the group’s online forum was the struggle to find new staff, which led the team to trialling a structured solution.

“We noticed finding great people was a cumbersome and expensive outcome for advisers to achieve, so we decided to do something about it,” he says.

The forum has been facilitating hiring in advice for “a long time”, Daniel says, as advisers have organically broached recruitment needs on messageboards and in discussion forums. Eventually, the group spied an opportunity to formalise the practice.

The service is free for XY members, who pay a fee for their membership. People can either post their details for potential employers to peruse, or put a specific role up for consideration.

Daniel spoke to Professional Planner about the growth of peer groups like XY Adviser two years ago, when it had 3,500 members. The group now has 4,700 members.

Unlike most peer groups, XY Adviser accepts both adviser and non-adviser members.

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