Renato Mota

Financial services giant IOOF has launched its first significant rebrand in 175 years of operation and announced it will change its name to Insignia Financial.

The rebrand, timed to coincide with the onboarding of hundreds of advisers from the ANZ and, more recently, MLC acquisitions, comes after the firm undertook a “strategic review or brand architecture” to consider what role each brand in the empire plays.

The new name is said to draw on the origins of the company’s ‘Independant Order of Odd Fellows’ origins, while also casting an eye to the future direction of the company.

Paired with the new moniker is an interlocking, double-looped logo that retains the heritage green colours associated with the IOOF brand.

“While announcing Insignia Financial as the new corporate brand, IOOF remains committed to a multi-brand strategy, and particularly the important role MLC will play in delivering financial wellbeing to all Australians,” IOOF said in a statement released Friday.

Underscoring the new Insignia Financial’s desire to keep MLC front and centre, the group will keep it at the forefront of this multi-brand approach.

“MLC will be positioned as a key client-facing brand across the group, bringing together and simplifying branding across our products and services.”