Adviser Noni Crawford (left) and client Kate Long

Kate Long, semi-retired client

I met Noni in one of those high intensity, interval-type gym classes about three or four years ago. I remember thinking it was funny that we both had the same last name at the time – I’m a Kate Long and she was a Noni Long before she got married, so everybody probably thought we were related.

Noni was just one of those people I warmed to straight away. The more we talked, we kept finding these similarities like losing our parents early – not that that was something we dwelled on. I think I was similar to Noni at her age in a lot of ways.

I was already with a financial adviser at the time, we’d set up an SMSF two years before. I had gotten some bad advice and ended up losing money in a corporate fund and then bought a property up in St Mary’s that will probably lose money. Now Noni has taken over management of my SMSF and she’s doing a much better job.

I retired from the IT industry about five years ago. I’d been doing that for about 35 years, but now I do some contract work for one of my clients and work in the gym, more just to keep busy than anything else.

My husband Don tends to back away from anything financial, he’s a truck driver on the cusp of retiring. Noni’s husband and Don are both into cars so that got them going.

When Covid came about a year ago and we had all that volatility I remember talking to Noni and she said to just give it time. I’ve always been confident in the way she handles things so I backed away and she was right, the next quarter it came back. She did some fiddling around the edges and we ended up in a good position.

Noni’s lovely, I think she’s a delightful, funny, beautiful lady with so much going for her. She’s been through some things and she deals with it all so well.

I’m not a financial person, I’m an IT person. But Noni expects it to be a discussion, she wants us to understand. She explains very clearly why she makes a decision and makes sure you’re happy with it.

Probably the best piece of advice she gave us is to just calm down, everything will get better. I like how she structures things, diversifies the investments and doesn’t lock anything into one area.

Even though she’s expanded now and has an assistant and more clients she still has lots of time for us. Don has a British pension which Noni’s handling and we’ve renegotiated our debt on the property – A planner like Noni really comes in handy with things like that, she’s a one-stop shop.


Noni Crawford, Financial Adviser at Hello Wealth in Newport, NSW

We first met at the gym, Kate was paired up with me as my training partner and she would really kick me into gear. We were friends for a good year before she became a client.