Financial services job vacancies rose 21.2 per cent in the September quarter, with the sector at the vanguard of a post-pandemic employment recovery from its Q2 lows according to the latest quarterly jobs index from Sunsuper.

The figure is part of a broader rebound in employment figures, with permanent job vacancies up 12.6 per cent since June this year and contingent or contract work increasing 19.5 per cent.

Permanent financial services job vacancies rose 22.8 per cent for the quarter while contingent roles rose 13.4 per cent in the period, giving an overall figure of 21.2 per cent according to the report.

“The rise in job vacancies in financial services of 21.2 per cent in the quarter reverses some of the substantial earlier job losses,” the report states.

Sunsuper notes that a shift from outsourced back office and call centre solutions back to domestic teams.

“It seems these roles are primarily the creation of contact centre jobs necessitated by the withdrawal from outsourced call centres to a local workforce,” the report states.

The best performing sector for permanent jobs was education and training, but Sunsuper notes the 51.5 per cent in permanent jobs is a “flattering percentage” as the sector was one of the hardest hit in the early days of the pandemic, losing 55 per cent of job opportunities in the first half of 2020.

The best performing occupation for the quarter went to professionals, rising 25.3 per cent in the last three months. Despite an annual decline of 24.8 per cent, it is the best performing group both quarterly and annually.

Regionally, the turnaround is even more stark; every state and territory rose in both permanent and contingent job opportunities across the September quarter after falling in the June quarter.

“The most consistent gains were made in NSW – up 24.4 per cent in permanent job opportunities and 27.3 per cent I contingent work (25.3 per cent overall),” the report stated. “However, the number of opportunities in NSW is still down 35.6 per cent year on year.”