With a number of accountants having only recently received their Limited
AFSLs, coupled with it being a crucial time as they try to implement and cater for the super reforms
prior to 30 June this year, many are turning to AccountantsIQ’s white label Statement of Advice (SoA)
solution in their quest for delivering quality advice, quickly and efficiently, according to
AccountantsIQ Director, Bronny Speed.
Super reforms put in plain English
Ms Speed, who is both a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner, says
accountants looking to minimize business disruption and save significant amounts of time and hence
money in writing or re-writing their advice documents are very happy with our recently released
updated SoA and associated super reforms strategy text.
“With the complexity of the super reforms, we have noticed a large increase in enquires about our
advice templates – predominantly the Statement of Advice and Fact Find. Many don’t have time to
be writing strategy text to explain these detailed new areas and are looking for professional
templates that are well written, clear and in plain English for clients – plus they need to have peace of
mind their SoAs meet all the ASIC, FoFA and the Best Interests requirements.”
“Accountants realise they only have a few months left to make sure their clients are prepared for the
changes. Judging by the amount of work we mapped out on an Implementation Plan we recently
prepared with Accountants who are using our service, there is a lot to do.”
An SoA solution to free up Partner time
“With the new super reforms now in place, never has there been a greater need for some support to
make these complex issues more simple, both for accountants as well as for their clients,” Ms Speed
“For less than two hours of Partner time per month, accountants can implement a compliant, cost
effective solution to deliver advice in the new limited licence world so they can continue to spend the
majority of their time doing what they do best … looking after their clients,” Ms Speed says.
Making the complex, simple
“Our templates are easy to use and cover all the regulatory requirements – this gives accountants the comfort they need as they navigate the new licensed world,” says Speed. “We recognise this is a busy time for accountants and our aim is to make the complex, simple.”

SOURCE: AccountantsIQ

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