Moneysoft, a personal financial management software company, today announced the appointment of Link Group’s Information, Digital and Data Services CEO Paul Gardiner to its board.

The announcement follows on from the recent strategic partnership formed between the two firms, initially focused on building new products to help superannuation fund members manage their overall wealth.

Gardiner said he looked forward to working with Moneysoft to help more Australians reach their financial and lifestyle goals.

“Superannuation is, on average, the second most valuable asset behind the family home, yet few Australians give it the attention it deserves until close to retirement. Moneysoft’s suite of budgeting and cash flow tools give super funds and financial planners the opportunity to change that by forging closer ties with their members and clients from the outset.”

Over the longer term, Moneysoft’s expertise will also help enhance the suite of products currently available to Link’s broader client base, such as listed companies, shareholders and employees.

Moneysoft Founder and Managing Director Peter Malekas said Gardiner’s appointment would bring a wealth of experience to the board.

“Moneysoft is on a strong growth trajectory as more and more financial planners and mortgage brokers recognise the benefits of offering cash flow as a service. Paul’s appointment to the board will help propel that growth by opening a range of new strategic opportunities.”

Link Group, which has also taken a stake in Moneysoft, is a global provider of fund administration, share registry, shareholder management, analytics and services. Gardiner has played a key role in building the company as Chief Executive of Link Group’s Information, Digital and Data Services division and Corporate Markets division.

Moneysoft successfully launched several new features and products in 2016, including Moneysoft Lite, giving financial planners an entry-level solution for a ‘Cash flow as a Service’ offering, as well as a tool that enhances overall practice efficiencies.

Other new features include the recent launch of the Adviser tool kit, helping with stronger and more effective business processes, as well as enhanced reporting solutions; for example, the benchmarking and capability, which allows planners to compare the spending habits of their clients against their peers.

Source: Moneysoft

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