Morningstar Investment Management Australia, part of the Morningstar Investment Management group, today announced that its multi-asset real return funds have received ‘Recommended’ ratings from Zenith Investment Partners, a leading independently-owned Australian investment research provider.

The Morningstar real return funds are objective-based multi-asset offerings that invest across a broad range of asset classes and investment strategies. The ratings apply to Morningstar Aggressive Real Return (APIR: INT0040AU), Morningstar High Growth Real Return (APIR: INT0042AU), Morningstar Growth Real Return (APIR: INT0038AU), Morningstar Balanced Real Return (APIR: INT0028AU), and Morningstar Conservative Real Return (APIR: INT0034AU).

Zenith’s research process seeks to identify investment managers the firm considers to be ‘best of breed’ through a comprehensive, multi-dimensional selection process. Zenith deems ‘Recommended’ products to be strong investments within their respective asset class, typically rating in the first quartile for most criteria.

“Zenith’s ratings provide a rigorous endorsement of the quality of our approach to multi-asset investing,” Andrew Lill, Morningstar Investment Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Asia-Pacific, said.

“We remain focused on building world-class investment strategies that leverage our proprietary research to deliver great outcomes for Australian investors. We’re also committed to operating in accordance with our principles of taking a fundamental, valuation-driven approach, building portfolios holistically, investing for the long term, being independent-minded, striving to minimise costs, and putting the interests of investors first.”

Zenith identified the following highlights in its research about Morningstar Investment Management Australia’s real return funds:

the strength of the investment team coupled with an intuitive investment process, which position the funds as attractive options in the real return segment;

the embedding of risk management at multiple levels of the investment process;

the ability to customise specific asset class exposures and themes in a cost-effective manner, in particular the ability to construct discrete exposures, which adds an additional return source to the process and allows portfolio managers to calibrate exposures to the broader requirements of the portfolio; and

the competitive cost structure relative to peers.

Morningstar Investment Management Australia offers a comprehensive suite of investment trusts and managed accounts designed to meet investors’ needs across all risk profiles and life stages. The firm’s investment products provide diversified, professionally managed portfolios that invest in the most attractive available opportunities through the cycle to deliver the best possible returns in the most cost-effective way, growing investors’ wealth in real terms while preserving capital through every stage of the market cycle.

The full research reports are available from Zenith Investment Partners and in the ‘Your Toolkit’ section for financial advisers of Morningstar Investment Management Australia’s website (log-in required).

Source: Morningstar

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