Members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia will have access to a new market volatility resource centre to help them and their clients through the current financial turmoil.

The online centre contains various tools to assist members in their communications with clients and includes articles and sample client letters; soft skills education programs; an online discussion forum; and links to support and counselling services, government policies and statements and other websites.

“We are conscious of the challenges and pressures facing both our members and their clients,” says Jo-Anne Bloch, chief executive officer of the FPA.

“Everyone is worried about the current economic situation and the inevitable impact on superannuation, savings, jobs, spending and general confidence.”

The initiative was developed in consultation with a group of FPA members to determine what resources were needed.

Through the centre, members also have access to research and statistics on economic data, as well as consumer brochures that they can give to clients which explain risk and the benefits of good advice.

Separately, the FPA has launched a new Value of Advice campaign highlighting the benefits of obtaining professional financial advice.

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