What’s consistent with the banks is inconsistent with professionalism

In the heat of the debate around consumer protections in financial advice, Industry Super Australia (ISA) has sometimes been characterised as being pitted against financial planners. On the contrary, ISA and the funds we represent have always promoted the importance of quality financial advice. Our members need accessible, impartial and high-quality financial advice. For most […]

Campo on why FoFA changes compromise consumer protection

The raison d’être for this publication is to serve the professional financial planning community. So it is a safe bet that you, the financial planners reading this publication, would consider yourselves to be professionals. If so, you should be extremely alarmed by proposals, advocated by sections of the financial services industry, to dilute the best […]

Rethinking FoFA: Stay focused on the client’s best interests

Industry Super Australia has always viewed the best interests duty as being the cornerstone of the financial advice reforms. It is central to shifting the culture of the advice industry from being focused on the selling of distribution of product, to being regarded as a true profession that prioritises clients’ interests. Anyone who is serious […]