Time to embrace Code of Ethics and get on with it

With failed leadership and associations that act more like medieval guilds, professionalism was always going to be a struggle for the advice industry according to Robert M.C. Brown. But a growing cohort of advisers embracing the Code of Ethics are paving the way for the industry to become as trusted as it is profitable.  

Remember that thing called the Code of Ethics?

The industry must be fully on board with the clear intentions of the code. Instead of complaining about its 'uncertainties', practitioners should recognise that it is deliberately not a technically prescriptive compliance-style laundry list, Robert MC Brown writes.

Time to think big about our advice future

Instead of slipping into a reactionary mindset, advisers should use this crisis to reset the kind of industry they want to be part of. Robert MC Brown uses his experience with the Australian Defence Force to put forward an approach that could benefit the greater good.