Australian fintech Financy has partnered with the University of South Australia’s Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) to develop Impacter – a new tech solution that helps organisations manage and prioritise performance on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Impacter is designed to help organisations with their social impact, providing organisations with tools to measure, act on, and be accountable for, their DEI initiatives, while also supporting the business case for doing so.

Financy launched a pilot of Impacter on 28 November and is working with 30 small, medium, and large organisations over the coming months to test the new technology and gather feedback.

It is the next step in Financy’s evolution as a fintech, building on the company’s delivery of women’s financial content and the quarterly gender equality scorecard and report, the Financy Women’s Index.

Financy’s partnership with UniSA’s CWeX has been critical to the development of robust questions and scoring algorithms for Impacter, which in time will be used to inform national and global insights on best practice towards achieving an equality-effective company.