Welcome to Professional Planner’s full 2019 licensee owners’ list.

This year is notable for the growth of players catering to limited licence advisers such as Easton Investments and the SMSF Advisers’ Network, as well as the stilted yet inevitable exit of the big institutions from wealth management. ANZ have completed the transfer while the rest hold their breath. Further down the list, a host of burgeoning dealer groups attest to the strength and resilience of the industry.

Next year’s list will no doubt be vastly different from this one as the rest of the banks enact their retreat, AMP charts their path back to glory and the second tier continue their ascendancy. The old adage remains; the only thing that stay the same is change.

The table was collated and the licensees grouped by research consultancy group CoreData, which has also cleaned up the raw ASIC data to eliminate duplicates and other errors. The data included in this table is drawn from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) financial adviser register, and is current as of May, 2019.

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