Sydney based financial services technology provider Midwinter, has today announced its latest hire – Salvador Saiz as Head of Institutional Growth – as the company continues its growth within the Superannuation and institutional space.

Mr Saiz, whose career in financial services spans 20 years in research, SME consulting and distribution positions, joins the Midwinter team with a wealth of experience with the superannuation and wealth management space and has managed a range of financial advice, retirement solutions and member engagement projects.

Saiz who is considered a financial advice expert by superannuation funds has been brought on by Midwinter as a SME and superannuation fund growth consultant, as the company continues to widen its market reach within this space.

With several large partnership announcements within the superannuation and enterprise space soon to be made public, Midwinter is preparing for the near future where it expects to continue to provide technology solutions to these types of clients, in particular its digital advice solution.

Managing Director of Midwinter Julian Plummer is delighted about the company’s most recent appointment saying “Our digital advice solution has created a great deal of interest over the past year, with many larger institutions and superannuation funds realising the need to offer their clients or members a non-threatening and easy to use form of engagement.”

“We believe that our Digital Advice Solution gives planners and superannuation funds the tools to deliver advice where their clients are spending most of their time – which is on their tablets and mobile phones. Advice firms have realised that digital tools allow them to scale their advice, allowing planners to move up the “value tree” and spend more time on the more complex pieces of advice.”

“Having someone like Salvador join our team with such a great reputation in the space and an immense amount of knowledge of technology and has worked with funds in reviewing and developing their financial advice models and channels is incredibly exciting.”

Mr Saiz has also expressed excitement on his new role saying “My work with clients makes it clear to me that technology and digital are not only drivers of efficiency but also key enablers for customer engagement and financial advice. I firmly believe that Midwinter is at the forefront of the advice technology/digital landscape, positioning it to leverage from the move by super funds to position financial advice across channels, as a key business unit.”

Source: Midwinter

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