Midwinter has announced today that it has signed an agreement with Dover Financial Advisers, allowing the Sydney based technology firm to offer a competitive pricing package for their premium financial planning software application – AdviceOS.

Dover Financial Advisers is a financial planning franchise with 131 practices nationwide, encompassing of over 230 authorised representatives. With the franchise choosing to be software agnostic (allowing its advisers to select their software provider of choice) Midwinter has centralised the billing, as well as negotiated a value price point for AdviceOS users within the Dover network.

Managing Director of Midwinter, Julian Plummer welcomes the ongoing relationship with Dover and Midwinter, saying “As we all know, not all advisory groups wish to mandate software across their entire business, preferring to allow their advisers the freedom of choosing their own software applications. As technology providers, we just like to ensure that we are offering the users of our software within these groups the best possible subscription and support that we can.”

“We’re delighted that Midwinter has had the opportunity to upscale our service to Dover advisers around the country, and we understand that there has been pleasing and positive feedback from advisers and head office off the back of our new service offering.”

Adviser Manager of Dover Financial Advisers, Peter Thompson, has also welcomed the partnership, stating that “when speaking to prospective and current advisers, they all like the freedom of choice when it comes to software.”

Mr Thompson went on to say that “with adviser numbers continuing to grow, it made sense to centralise billing to get the most competitive pricing possible for our representatives who choose to use Midwinter’s software.”

Source: Midwinter

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