The SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) expects 2013 to be a defining year for the sector as legislative reforms consolidate the industry.

Andrew Gale, executive director of Chase Corporate Advisory and a SPAA board member since March last year, believes the arrival of Generation X in the SMSF market is an exciting development with many unexplored opportunities.

In a short video interview below, Gale looks ahead to next months SPAA Conference and names the key trends for the SMSF market this year.

In related news, SPAA has become a partner of the United Nations, Geneva-based Convention of Independent Financial Advisors (CIFA).

The United Nations (UN) established CIFA as a non-profit foundation whose goal is to protect and defend the interests of investors and support independent financial advice in the international arena.

CIFA has the major role of managing the United Nations ‘Charter of the Protection of Investor Rights’.

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    Most people would be better off NOT in an SMSF. I hope advisers and accountants do act in the best interest of their clients and tell them this. Maybe there is too much vested interest?

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