Risk & Insurance

Don’t look now, but peace may have broken out in Risk-land

Despite a few hangers-on hoping for a last-minute reprieve, risk advisers have now largely accepted the inevitability of the Life Insurance Framework’s (LIF) reforms, according to Zurich. “There’s an overarching sentiment that, while you’ve got a small core of people who are potentially still not fully embracing of the need to change … the train […]

Mind the gaps, and sell financial planning for its benefits

Financial planning suddenly seems to be full of holes. Or, perhaps more accurately, gaps – gaps in people’s financial literacy; and gaps in the adequacy of savings. They’re not the same sorts of gaps, of course. One is a lack of understanding or knowledge; the other is an actual dollar shortfall. But they seem to […]
Risk & Insurance

Attempting a do-it-yourself response to risk product design

The traditional risk product development process is defined by a top-down approach, extending from the life insurer to the financial planner or risk adviser and only then to the consumer. Insurers insist that consumer and adviser feedback heavily influence their product design. However, the fact remains that most Australian financial services (AFS) licensees and planners […]