MLC Life Insurance is improving its Vivo program by building digital capabilities and expanding its provider network.

A third party previously provided the program’s services and the associated digital capabilities, which MLC said limited the firm’s ability to expand and tailor the support offered to customers.

MLC Life Insurance conducted an extensive tender process for arrangements to deliver the existing Fitness Consult, Nutrition Consult, Expert Medical Opinion and Mental Health Navigator, and a new service to help customers and their loved ones navigate the last stages of life and the grief that accompanies it.

Those new partnerships are centred on an improved customer experience and include new service providers like independent medical opinion provider mlcoa.

MLC said customers and partners can expect to see no change to access criteria, nor disruptions to the services they access now and can in fact look forward to more support and an even better experience ahead.

This article was edited on 25 July 2023 to correct a factual error.