The Ensombl team (clockwise from upper left): chair Andrew Rocks, head of growth Danni Visser, head of international Simon Franklin, chief marketing officer Richard Dunkerley, CEO Clayton Daniel, head of community Emily Jenkins, client success Darin Skinner.

Amid a name change, XY Adviser is looking at recruiting accountants and nurses into financial advice as one of the many projects it plans to undertake while it seeks global growth.

This is just one of the many plans of the recently renamed adviser platform which now goes by Ensombl (pronounced as ensemble).

Ensombl chief executive Clayton Daniel says the spelling was a necessary unique identifier to gain global trademarks and web addresses.

“The name Ensombl means people at their mastery working together to create something they can’t by themselves – that’s true for advisers and the corporate side of the industry,” Daniel says.

With the name change settled, one of the projects the group is working on currently is attempting to reach into the accounting and nursing professions to recruit talent.

“Financial planning is about being good with numbers and people,” Daniel says. “With accountants you teach them to be good with people; with nurses you teach them to be good with numbers.

“We think we can reach into those professions and pluck people out and pull them across into financial advice.”

Daniel pointed to AMP Horizons as a good example of licensee creating a training ground and he wanted Ensombl to help do that for the industry.

“We could do this for all licensees, in the same way we’re putting on all licensee [professional development] days,” Daniel says, referring to the PD days held online by the firm, the most recent being last Thursday.

What’s in a name?

The XY Adviser name was established to connect the learning experiences of advisers from generation X and Y, but Daniel was never a huge fan of the name.

“We never intended to grow,” Daniel says. “Then Emily (Jenkins nee Blanch, head of community) happened and the company took off. All of a sudden we needed a proper name.

“I tried to rename it a couple of times and Emily thought they were all horrible ideas. We ended up working with a branding agency.”

Jenkins, who recently returned from a trip to Silicon Valley to discuss community building also went through a name change of her own after getting married a couple of months ago, says the name change is a big deal because of how much is connected to the XY Adviser name.