In an age where asset managers are under immense pressure to perform, and many advisers are turning to low-cost and index-hugging strategies for their clients, global small caps is emerging as one corner of the market that may be ripe for genuine alpha generation.  

This exclusive webinar, presented by Professional Planner in partnership with American Century Investments, explores what advisers need to know about the dynamic realm of global small-cap investing, drawing insights from experts with knowledge of this market as well as the everyday business and regulatory realities of advice professionals.   

Webinar participants:

Jim Shore, senior client portfolio manager, American Century Investments
Angela Ashton, director and founder, Evergreen Consultants
Justin Walsh, associate director of manager research, Morningstar
Host: Aleks Vickovich, editor-in-chief, Conexus Financial  

Explore key highlights: 

  • Diversification Strategies: Uncover effective methods for diversification within the small-cap market, crucial for a well-rounded investment approach. 
  • Active Approach: Learn strategies to unlock efficiencies and achieve returns in the dynamic world of small-cap investing. 
  • Navigating Challenges for Smaller Firms: Gain insights into challenges faced by investing in smaller firms and explore effective strategies for navigation and overcoming them. 
  • Macro Economics and Global Perspective: Understand the impact of dynamic market conditions on small-cap investing. Consider the current economic state, focusing on capital preservation and operating in a high-interest rate environment. Develop a global perspective, identifying individual securities with financial health and market potential to apply global trends to domestic companies. 
  • Risk Mitigation and Small Cap Index: Explore effective strategies for mitigating risks and implementing structured diversifications in small-cap portfolios. Learn how to approach the small-cap index lens, recognising its unique dynamics compared to the dominance of a handful of securities in the large-cap index.  

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