This event took place in March 2022: refer to the agenda below for all sessions and speakers. The next Researcher Forum event will be held on December 1, 2022.

How and when the research community weighs in on the appropriateness of fees, ethical practice, product provision and the quality of investment outcomes will have a significant bearing on the advice industry’s ability to build trust and progress its professional status. Industry leaders put some of the sector’s most enduring topics on the table in a contemporary context:
  • Running a profitable, ethical managed account program
  • Margins on cash accounts & white-labelled products
  • Shelf space fees
  • Overpriced beta
This session will examine the hot button issues confronting researchers, consultants and providers as they navigate an uncertain and potentially volatile investment landscape. This crucial discussion will cover flaws in categorisations, the essential components of a modern portfolio and what the rating agencies want to see in 2022.
Here, delegates will split into focus groups to discuss the issues raised in the previous session and identify the key themes moving forward. For those involved in investment management, research and product selection, what does a responsible and profitable path in 2022 look like?
11:15am - 11:45am

Morning tea

An expert panel picks over the considerations for fund researchers and consultants looking at superannuation funds in light of new standards set by Your Future, Your Super, the continuing internalisation of investment functions by some funds and the increasing prevalence of MySuper and Choice products in model portfolios and on recommended lists.
Client demand has forced advisers and researchers to play catchup understanding appropriateness of product, advice and services relating to ESG and in particular environmental and sustainability considerations. Hear from different parts of the value chain as the experts triangulate on where Australia is in its ESG journey, the future of the movement and the international perspective.
This session looks at the models and systems used to measure the different commitments to ESG, from exclusions, integration, impact and beyond. Researchers join funds to understand categorisations, measurements and the use of sustainable development goals to anchor outcomes and provide proof-points.
The rise to prominence and rapid growth of managed account solutions is set to continue, particularly as retirement and ESG become pervasive issues. As the sector evolves towards tailoring outcomes for individuals and more specialised groups, those at the front line share their views about the enormous upside of managed account structures, as well as the areas of potential conflict that threaten to undermine it.
Change is the only constant, particularly in the wholesale research industry where funds research houses are morphing, independent consultants are deepening relationships with growing advice businesses and the licensee research function continues to evolve. Seasoned researchers offer their perspectives.

Duncan Smith

general manager, client relationships, JANA Investment Advisors
An intimate chat with financial services legend, Steve Tucker, founding partner and chairman of Koda Capital and former CEO of MLC Group, on financial advice, research and superannuation – where we have progressed, where we have regressed.
5:30pm - 6:00pm

Networking drinks