Assets of ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe reached US$459 billion, a new record



June 9, 2014

As the government pulls the watchdog’s teeth, co-regulation starts at home

“We will rely more on the intelligence we get from misconduct reports and the complaints we receive.”
That statement is being interpreted as a call to the financial planning industry to step up, and to ETFs and ETPs listed in the Europe gathered US$6.05 billion in net new assets in May which, when combined with a small positive market performance in the month, pushed assets in the European listed ETF/ETP industry to a new record high of US$459 billion, according to preliminary data from ETFGI’s May 2014 Global ETF and ETP industry insights report.  At the end of May 2014, the European ETF/ETP industry had 2,032 ETFs/ETPs, with 6,169 listings, from 49 providers listed on 25 exchanges.

The ETF/ETP industry globally and in many countries and regions hit record highs in assets at the end of May 2014, including: ETFs/ETPs listed globally US$2.55 trillion; in the United States US$1.8 trillion; in Europe US$459 billion; in Japan US$86.7 billion; in Canada US$63.2 billion and in the Middle East and Africa US$ 41.69 billion.

“For the first time since 2010 asset growth in European listed ETFs/ETPs, at 9.9% YTD, is outpacing asset growth in US listed ETFs/ETPs, at 6.1% YTD. The majority of net new assets in Europe went into equity exposures in May. The S&P 500 ended May at an all-time high (1924). The S&P 500 is up 5% year to date, while the DJIA is up only 2%. US stocks have advanced each month in 2014 except for January. During May developed markets gained 2% and emerging markets 4% with Asia showing strong performance up 4%.” according to Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner at ETFGI.

In May 2014, ETFs/ETPs listed in Europe saw net inflows of US$6.05 billion. Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with US$4.63 billion, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$1.37 billion, while commodity ETFs/ETPs experienced the largest net outflows with US$452 million.

YTD through end of May 2014, ETFs/ETPs have seen net new inflows of US$26.3 billion, which is a YTD record and US$6.68 billion ahead of the total net new inflows of US$19.6 billion in 2013.  Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$13.3 billion, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$11.2 billion, and commodity ETFs/ETPs with inflows of US$4 million.

YTD iShares has gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows with US$9.4 billion, followed by Lyxor with US$3.5 billion, UBS GAM with US$2.9 billion, Source with US$2.5 billion and Vanguard with US$2.3 billion in net inflows.

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