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December 6, 2013

Cut + Paste is a section on the Professional Planner website that contains news releases, statements and other information from organisations active in financial planning and related areas. Its aim is no more complicated than to convey that information to you directly from those organisations. It started in December 2013.

Everything published in Cut + Paste is curated for its relevance and topicality; otherwise, it is largely unedited (save for the odd piece of tidying up, such as removing contact details; or for certain elements of style, such as inappropriate use of capital letters in headlines or corporate titles).

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Professional Planner, but it is important that financial planners have access to this information.

The “why” of this approach is just as simple as the “what”. Like all companies, Conexus Financial – the publisher of Professional Planner – is constantly striving to do more with the resources it has. At the same time, we’re subject to a greater deluge of information than ever before, and we need a way to make sure that information gets to readers. Clearly something has to give. Professional Planner’s response is to largely mechanise the task of publishing a certain amount of the information we receive every day.

There is a distinction – and it is an important one – between what you read here and what you read elsewhere in Professional Planner, both in print and online. What you read in Cut + Paste is written by and for the organisations that write it. It does not pass through a prism of analysis or assessment; and no independent questioning is applied to the assertions and claims you may read.

This means Professional Planner focuses on the issues we think are important, and spends time conducting interviews, producing analysis and doing the journalism that adds genuine value and beings coherence to the torrent of raw information that is generated every day. It aims to advance the understanding of issues and developments, and to generate content that you won’t read in Cut + Paste, and probably won’t read on other websites or in other magazines.

As always, I welcome your feedback and comments. You can contact me via email ([email protected]), Twitter (@PPEd), find me on LinkedIn – or even try the good, old-fashioned way: (02) 9227 5716.

Simon Hoyle
Editor, Professional Planner
Director of retail content, Conexus Financial

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Cut & Paste conveys information received directly from the organisations concerned. Statements and releases published here have been selected for their relevance to the financial planning profession. They are generally unedited, and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Professional Planner.

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