April 2018

Revelations, regulation and sullied reputations

As the details of misdeeds at the big end of town flood out of the inquiry, the industry’s many upstanding advisers are seeing their hard-earned stature swept away.

Use your privilege to manage, and shape, change

Advisers are obviously in a position to help clients adjust to new policies but they can also play a role in shaping the incoming laws.

Self-licensing: ‘not too hard’

Damien Burns broke from the big banks and set out on his own, something he says the larger institutions don’t want people to know they have the means to do.

The big tech trends and how to adjust

Advancements in artificial intelligence, data and mobile applications require you to make changes – but they also offer new opportunities.

Which way to cover?

The insurance industry is at an inflection point, but it has the chance to turn around its poor consumer perception and deliver a better experience for Australians.  

Even the ‘good guys’ are on the hot seat

Watch the hearings to understand why Romans used to get along to the Colosseum in big numbers to see lions interacting with Christians.

FPA touts members’ education after survey

The Financial Planning Association states that feedback from its base shows it promotes high standards and FASEA should give more credence to prior learning.

Seminar Somnambulism

With engagement like this, we'll all be futureproof in no time.

Paraplanner survival training

Outsourcing and technology are hobbling future prospects for paraplanners, although demand for them remains high. Maintaining that will require an evolution of their role.

The SMSF time bomb

The nation risks a crisis if the financial services industry doesn't address what will happen when ageing SMSF trustees lose the ability and the desire to manage them.

FPA Roadshow: Looking ahead to FASEA, back to FoFA

The 2018 FPA National Roadshow will call on planners to help shape a position on incoming standards. It will also offer guidance on keeping up with existing requirements.

Don’t tell him you can’t be wealthy

Patrick Canion says financial security is easily gained in Australia and he wants to help hard-working everyday people get there.

Three ways to breathe new life into your approach

New places, and fresh perspectives will help you reinvigorate your marketing and take it in original directions.

Agitate for the future

Professional Planner aims to provide analysis and opinion from qualified experts to help you navigate these disrupted times.

Licensee Summit to honour industry leaders

The Professional Planner Licensee Summit in June will reveal the winners of the prestigious Licensee of the Year Awards and mark the way forward for the sector.

Sanders resigns: a job well done, so far

The departure of Deen Sanders from FASEA, while premature, comes at an opportune time for the authority and shouldn’t detract from the future of adviser reform.

This royal commission won’t be pretty

The industry and its biggest players are bracing for what’s expected to be a brutal week.

Professionalism lives ‘above the line’

The dominance of the financial product industry in the US offers a stark reminder of what the Australian advice industry needs to move away from in its pursuit of professionalism.

Technology adds ‘mums and dads’ to managed accounts’ growth story

The sector is expanding rapidly beyond SMSFs and high-net-worth individuals, thanks to broader access, variety and efficiency.

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