January 2018

Advisers boosting growth in philanthropy

The last few years have brought a rise in giving from clients via public ancillary funds, but many planners can still do more to raise awareness of charitable options.

IOOF appoints new Head of Adviser standards

IOOF appoints new Head of Adviser standards, Client Care and Retention.

AMP honours lifetime achievers at annual Advice Summit

Three advisers from AMP’s advice network have been honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards – the first time AMP has handed out such an accolade.

FASEA board must enable Sanders

The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority made an excellent choice in naming Deen Sanders its chief executive. Supporting him will make a big difference.

CFA Societies Australia announces key appointments

Strengthened focus aims to make inroads into key industry issues around professionalism and gender disparity.

Advisers want super guarantee rate lifted early: poll

More than three-quarters of advisers support increasing the SG rate sooner than the mandated 2021 start date, a Professional Planner poll has found.

Four investment themes to watch in 2018

From the Chinese transition to Australia’s cooling construction sector, a world of factors will affect markets and decisions in the year ahead.

SMSFA conference puts regulation front and centre

The Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Association’s conference in Sydney next month will focus on helping advisers navigate changing rules to keep their clients on track for a comfortable retirement.

Learn to feel at home with the downsizing contribution rules

There are many conditions to meet for making payments into super from home sales, but actually downsizing isn’t one of them. Here’s how to begin explaining the rules to clients.

SMSF groups call for increase in catch-up limit 

SMSFA and SISFA say the balance cap for applying unused concessional contributions is too low. Both implored Treasury to raise the limit before July 1.

Diversification is often misunderstood

It’s the Holy Grail. It’s the proverbial free lunch. It’s one of the most frequently used terms in the industry – it’s also one of the most misused. What is ‘diversification’?

The Ratings Review – Winner of the AREIT award

The Ratings Review – Winner of the AREIT award – Zurich Investments /Renaissance Asset Management

Stepping up with confidence

Amanda Jarosz says taking the paraplanner route to becoming an adviser has given her self-assurance and a good understanding of all areas of the business.

Print is so last year, and other resolutions

The new year is a good time to refocus on digital transformation, expanding content beyond print, and a strategic plan to carry your business forward.

How to become a billionaire

Catch the ride with the next sure-fire, can’t miss, err, thing, on the blockchain platform.

Flows and cons: What to look for as ETFs abound

Exchange-traded funds have developed quite a following but advisers will have to take extra care with them as more variety hits the market.

An attorney’s guide to safeguards against elder abuse

A lawyer and abuse expert shares a guide to preventing the unfortunately common practice in a financial advice setting.

‘Bionic’ advice: Half say most services will be automated soon

Almost 50 per cent of advisers expect fintech to computerise the bulk of the industry’s offerings within 10 years.

Decide how you want to mistime the market

A downturn appears increasingly likely but picking when it will happen is almost impossible, so determining what kind of loss you’d rather endure is important, Tom Stevenson argues

FPA says planners need professional privilege

As the industry becomes a profession, the FPA argues that clients must have confidence their conversations with advisers won’t be shared in court or with a government agency.

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