February 2017

New Life Insurance Framework will test advisers

The Life Insurance Framework will be a gamechanger for all stakeholders. Rice Warner's Kristiaan Gumley takes a look at how we got here to help predict what the new rules will mean for you.

Once an industry saviour, still its friend

As SMSF Association chief executive, Andrea Slattery helped the sector survive and grow into a thriving industry. She advocates for it even as she departs. Simon Hoyle writes.

SMSFA conference puts focus on trust and technicalities

The SMSF Association National Conference 2017 covered technical strategy and keeping clients’ confidence. Max Newnham writes that he’s just getting started sharing what he learned.

Don’t leave! Stop clients from walking, or at least learn trying

Planners must know how to respond when clients want to opt out of the relationship. If you can't convince them to stay, you can learn from their departure. Alexandra Cain writes.

The gravest dangers yet for SMSFs lie ahead

The sector has been counted out before and survived but the risks of harm and scandal the ageing of the SMSF trustee cohort poses may be the biggest test yet. Robert M.C. Brown writes.

Advisers look for more business development help from FPA

FPA chief Dante De Gori says survey shows members are largely happy with services from the association but acknowledges there are areas for improvement. Alexandra Cain writes.

Expect some breaks ahead in the graduate pipeline

Dr Mark Brimble writes that a mix of legislated requirements, limited pathways and other factors will create a dead spot where graduates from the system will be in short supply for the industry.

Bridge the disconnect to sell SMSF trustees on value of advice

If advisers want to convince SMSF trustees of the value of their services, they will need a better appreciation of the retirement objectives of this group of potential clients

The Fair and Sustainable Super amendments will soon be upon us

SUPERCentral has produced a comprehensive Pre-30 June ‘To-Do’ Checklist for advisers and accountants  Estate planning strategies via super are also affected by these most significant changes to superannuation in the…

Fundamentals point to strong 2017 for super funds

SUPER INVESTORS NEED TO LOOK PAST THE POLITICS With a packed political calendar in 2017, superannuation investors should remain focused on their long-term objectives and the underlying strength of the…

Certainty out of reach, for now

Certainty around policy seems to be out of reach, although the SMSF sector is in a better place than most other areas of super.

True leaders must manage the ‘bacon wars’

In 2005, Rachel Robertson was a park ranger on the Great Ocean Road. Next, she was leading 116 people in the Antarctic.

O’Dwyer: The system must be the best it can possibly be

It is critical that the industry has well-governed standards of oversight, probity and accountability.

Insights into income products for SMSFs

The local fixed interest market has been constrained due to a strict regulatory regime and the less sophisticated nature of the market – until now.

SMSFs’ appetite for property still strong

Despite regulatory changes in the budget, the flow of capital from SMSFs into property assets has continued to grow.

Award winners, plus volunteer success

Five awards were handed out on the final day, plus recognition for the army of volunteers that helped run the show.

The ASX’s take on trustees

The ASX has been progressively broadening its product range to reduce portfolio congestion around large-cap Aussie equities.

SMSFA National Conference gallery: day three

Whether caddy or adviser, he’s an ace at keeping people on course

Award-winning financial planner Andrew Hollow finds the numbers come easy and enjoys his time on the links. Jo Roberts writes.

Learn how to thrive amid the turbulence of change

As increased regulation raises costs across the industry, successful businesses will invest in efficiency and sustainable growth. Rod Bristow writes.

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