The inaugural Future2 Wheel Classic ended on Friday when Peter Bobbin and Ray Griffin rolled into Sydney, marking the end of their 1251km bike ride from Bourke. The final leg of the journey was completed with a ride from Wollongong and a ceremony in Sydney’s Martin Place.

In the space of 10 days, Bobbin, Griffin and Roger Simionato travelled from Bourke through Cobar, Nyngan, Dubbo, Orange, Cowra, Crookwell, Nowra and Wollongong.

Griffin was well prepared for the ride, having covered some 18,000km in training and races during the prior 12 months. Bobbin, on the other hand, came into it less well prepared, but despite some significant challenges along the way, completed just 40km less than the total distance – an extraordinary effort.

"He’s still there," Griffin said. "He’s got into the car twice in total. He didn’t get into the car yesterday [Thursday] and he ended up an hour behind me. But he’s a obstinate, stubborn bastard. If he wasn’t, he’d have given it up before now. I admire him for his tenacity."

The aim of the ride was principally to raise awareness of the Future2 Foundation, and to raise funds from the financial planning community along the way. Bobbin and Griffin have presented seminars – focusing on the foundation, and on advanced estate planning issues – and Bobbin has raised funds by auctioning his time to visit the winning bidder’s business and provide legal advice. The event set a fundraising target of $100,000. Final donations are being tallied, but it’s not too late to make a donation to give the total a kick-along. (CLICK HERE)

Steve Helmich, director of financial planning, advice and services at AMP Financial Services, and chairman of the Future2 board of trustees, says the ride has been a success.

"I think they’ve been able to take it out to the communities, and that’s what the aim of the Foundation is," Helmich says.

"They have raised the profile of Future2 and they have raised the profile of financial planning."

Helmich says the trustees of Future2 initially viewed the Wheel Classic idea with some trepidation.

"To tell you the truth, we thought it was a bit of a risk; we didn’t know how much support we would get behind it, so we were delighted to get the three premium sponsors: BT, Matrix and Telstra," Helmich says.

"In many way, my ears were ill-founded, the way people have warmed to it along the way. It’s been great. In some ways, this could be the seed that grows into something that happens on a yearly basis.

"What we need people to understand is the value of having a foundation aligns with our aim of having financial planning recognised as a profession. The two go hand in hand."

CLICK HERE  to read more about the Wheel Classic and to see and read Peter and Ray’s updates from the event.

CLICK HERE  to make a donation and help Peter and Ray reach their fundraising target

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