Peter Bobbin and Ray Griffin set themselves two targets at the outset of the Future2 Wheel Classic: to cover 1251km, and to raise $100,000. The first target is within reach. But the second target remains some way off, with still just over $50,000 raised. This has prompted Bobbin to issue a challenge to every member of the financial planning community: to each donate just $10.

Bobbin and Griffin are within cooee of the finish of their epic bike ride from Bourke to Sydney. At the end of Day Seven, resting in Crookwell, the pair have they completed some 900km – almost three-quarters of the total planned distance.

The ride is designed to raise awareness within the financial planning community of the Future2 Foundation, and to raise money to fund the Foundation’s work with disadvantaged young Australians. Future2 helps break the vicious cycle of poverty and disadvantage that too many young people find themselves in. To date, it has distributed about $150,000.

“If every planner in the country donated just $10, we would add $130,000 to the funds available for our grants program and make an immeasurable contribution to the lives of young people and their ability to live fulfilling lives in the community," Bobbin says.

“It’s time to spread the word within your dealer groups, business development managers and others in the financial services industry to support Future2.”

It’s been a pretty vicious cycle for Bobbin and Griffin, too. Griffin has fought against a knee injury, while Bobbin has battled a lack of road miles and problems with his achilles tendons. These injuries provided an unexpected dimension to what was already a daunting undertaking. Unless you’re a cyclist, Griffin says, it’s difficult to imagine the physical demands of the event. For example, the ride covered 608km in the first four days

"Most people wouldn’t do that in a month," Griffin says. "What I’d do in two weeks, we’ve done in four days."

But Griffin says there’s no way they’re not going to finish the event, and a flow of donations at this stage would only strengthen that resolve.

BT Insurance and Matrix Planning Solutions have already made significant contributions, along with Colonial First State and Praemium. There’s still an opportunity for individuals, planning firms and dealer groups to get on board and support Griffin and Bobbin as their quest draws to a close.

The duo are due to roll into Sydney on Friday. Before then, donations can be made by clicking HERE

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