Professional Planner magazine presents the second in its highly successful practice management series.  Held in partnership with MLC, ‘Future-Proofing Your Business’ is intended as a practical, useful guide for owners of financial planning practices, helping them to position their business for a sustainable and prosperous future and effectively managing the process of business succession.

Tailored to owners of planning and accountancy practices, the series will take place over three fortnightly lunchtime sessions, broadcast via the internet – giving you the benefit of being able join in from the office therefore making the best use of your time and cutting out conference and travel expenses.

Drawing on the expertise of our esteemed guest panelists, the series will offer insight from a technical perspective, along with real-life examples from planners/accountants that are going or have been through the process of business transformation and planning for the future.

Joining is easy – all you need is computer and a phone (computer is optional but recommended for viewing the slides).  There is no registration fee or charge to attend, and you will have the opportunity to view the presentation, listen in, take part in interactive audience polls and ask questions.

Program and scheduling details are as follows:


Tuesday 27th October, 1pm AEST

The first part of the series will examine the process of evolving your business to a more viable business model – how do you actually make the change?  How do you retain clients?  How do you market yourself under a fee-for-service model?  This and other key issues will be discussed.



  • Simon Hoyle – Editor, Professional Planner (Chair)
  • Errol Woodbury – Chief Executive Officer, Woodbury Financial Services
  • John Burton – Practice Development Manager, MLC


Tuesday 10th November, 1pm AEST

The second in the series will examine how to future-proof your business; which includes understanding the key drivers of your business, ensuring you have a sound strategy in place, developing not just one but a number of ways to measure performance and ensuring your business is well-equipped to cope with a range of future market conditions.


  • Simon Hoyle – Editor, Professional Planner (Chair)
  • Steve Tucker – Chief Executive, MLC
  • Tony Stephens – Principal, Business Health


Tuesday 24th November, 1pm AEST

The third and final session will examine what steps practice owners can take now to position their businesses going forward as viable, sustainable and therefore valuable propositions.


  • Simon Hoyle – Editor, Professional Planner (Chair)
  • Bob Neill – National Manager, Adviser Business Centre, MLC
  • Tony Stephens – Principal, Business Health

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