At a time when gearing has come under increased scrutiny, Macquarie Investment Lending has launched a new information portal for advisers and personal investors. The website provides product information and educational resources tailored to the different audiences, with investors and advisers each having their own colour-coded sections.

Market volatility and an increase in margin calls have prompted some planners to reassess their clients’ appetite for risk. The public can browse information on the firm’s products and services, including current interest rates, loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) and approved securities while Macquarie investors can obtain their most current loan and portfolio positions and access GearUp, the firm’s secure client-service site.

“Our new website provides back-to-basics gearing information for investors who might be new to the concept of investment lending, along with more detailed product information, tools and resources specifically for advisers,” says Peter van der Westhuyzen, Macquarie’s investment lending division director. The site also offers self-service capabilities, letting advisers order product disclosure statements, flyers and brochures and access educational materials for use with their clients.

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