pp_sept_08.jpgThe financial planning industry continues to evolve. Developments in structure, regulation and client requirements place ever-changing demands on financial planners, and on how they do business.

Professional Planner recognises that key elements in the evolution towards professionalism include higher educational barriers to entry, enhanced ongoing professional development, the clear separation of advice from product, remuneration based on planners’ skill and expertise (rather than how much product they sell), and a robust and enforceable code of ethics.

By embracing these broad trends and issues, Professional Planner provides a forum for debate and development of the industry.

While we make no promise to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of fee-based advice, conflict removal, or defining appropriate remuneration structures, we firmly believe that increased levels of debate on the subject are inevitable and, therefore, increased levels of education about the issues are required.

The result of providing truly holistic advice – including expert advice across all asset classes and not just managed funds – will lead to an increased level of trust and, therefore, an increase in the number of consumers who actively seek advice. As the definitive source of timely, relevant information, Professional Planner aims to lead the way.

Regular content of the magazine includes:

•Ã‚ Â   Editorial comment

•Ã‚ Â   News as it relates to dealer groups and planners

•Ã‚ Â   Fees/conflicts

•Ã‚ Â   Fee model progress

•Ã‚ Â   Remuneration models

•Ã‚ Â   Transition to fee-based practice structures

•Ã‚ Â   Regulatory developments

•Ã‚ Â   Consumer research/case studies

•Ã‚ Â   Practice profit

•Ã‚ Â   Practice management

•Ã‚ Â   Private banking

•Ã‚ Â   Planner profiles

•Ã‚ Â   Managed funds

•Ã‚ Â   Risk

•Ã‚ Â   Direct equities

•Ã‚ Â   Residential/industrial/commercial/retail property

•Ã‚ Â   Tax structuring

•Ã‚ Â   Self-managed superannuation

•Ã‚ Â   Philanthropy, and

•Ã‚ Â   Education.

Defining ‘professionalism’, a major area of debate, forms a key aspect of the editorial content.

Professional Planner’s regular columns by thought-leaders such as Jo-Anne Bloch, Garry Weaven and Peter Switzer are supported by special contributions from other prominent commentators and professionals, and include Rod Bertino (Business Health), Martin Mulcare (Strategic Consulting and Training) and Louise Biti (Strategy Steps).

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