More advisers than ever are signing up for the top education mark licensed by the Financial Planning Association (FPA), according to the industry body’s recently-released annual report.

Corinna Dieters, the outgoing FPA chair, says the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) program attracted a record 3,000 enrolments during 2006/7 financial year.

The influx of CFP enrolments followed changes the industry body made to its rules, allowing individual advisers to hold the desig­nation regardless of the membership status of their licensee.

Previously, only advisers who were licensed by businesses which were principal members of the FPA could access the CFP designation.

“We also put in place the foundation of a CFP promotional campaign which will commence in the near future,” Dieters says.

She said the FPA would continue to focus on lifting the professionalism of individual members by improving compliance with its standards as well as bolstering its complaints and discipline procedures. 

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