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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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What KPIs should financial planning have as an industry?

Defining key performance indicators for the financial advice industry is not as easy as defining KPIs for employees. Rod Bristow writes that getting them right will hugely benefit the industry as a whole.


Improving efficiency when old financial planners learn new tricks

Seminars in Sydney and Melbourne in September will explore how practice efficiency benefits by rethinking how investment solutions are designed. Simon Hoyle reports.


24 HOURS: A day in the life of ... Semaphore Private

This month Professional Planner spends 24 hours
in the Melbourne CBD as
 we continue our focus on
the day-to-day goings on at leading financial planning businesses across Australia.


Poker master, rule keeper, mover and shaker or easy rider?

New research reveals the proven impact of seeking professional financial advice but also that many Australians are not seeking advice to turn their dreams into reality. Simon Hoyle reports.


Adviser of many talents sees planning as aspirational career

By not being “one of the boys”, this former language teacher thrived in the investment environment. These days she wears many hats and encourages others to become planners. Jo Leggatt writes.

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