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Thursday, September 29, 2016
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Time to act – changes to super coming soon

The new limit on non-concessional super contributions that replaced the proposed $500,000 lifetime limit will now be based on the value of a person’s super. Max Newnham writes that it’s time to take action.


Why you can’t forget the fundamentals of advice

In a world of fast trends, fads and technology it can be easy to forget the fundamentals of providing good financial advice. Marty Carne writes how to give the best advice


Buying on the dips: The day I nearly lost the plot

Ron Bewley reveals how he responded when a “clever” sharemarket strategy that seemed like a good idea at the time actually turned out to be dead in the water.


So the accountants’ exemption is over, what now?

With the accountants’ exemption now a distant memory, the regulator is actively monitoring the establishment of new SMSFs to ensure accountants aren’t giving advice beyond their scope. Greg Holman writes.


Low interest rates may be a case of ‘history repeating’

In Part 1 of this column, Roger Montgomery writes that labelling the current long-term low interest rates as the “new normal” is probably a mistake. Here he explains what to watch out for.

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