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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Special report: Brexit a victory for democracy however you look at it

What are the consequences of the Brexit vote for investors with a long-term horizon? Less than what they might seem, writes Stephen Kotkin. But upheaval may be likely all the same.

Best planning advice: build your ark before the flood

Nathan Bell shares his “battle plan” for financial planners, in which he advises: “Build, protect what you’ve got, stay flexible, stick to your plan and prepare.”


24 HOURS: A day in the life of … Priority1 Wealth Management

Professional Planner goes
to metropolitan Melbourne for our series focusing on the day-to-day activities of leading financial planning businesses across Australia.


The road to professionalism never did run smooth

Although still not a profession, financial planning has come a long way. Ben Power writes about what delegates can expect at the upcoming IFAAA symposium, scheduled for October.

150331 - ASIC register

ASIC's is a tough job, but somebody has to do it

Simon Swanson says ASIC has huge responsibility – not helped by an industry riddled with historical issues – and needs support for it to keep up the good work.

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